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Addiction is the biggest challenge I’ve faced in my life. I had hoped to accomplish this on my own but failed time after time. Is there any method short of a rehab facility? Marin Drug Recovery helps you to sift through the confusion of drug & alcohol addiction and find the most suitable options for your recovery needs. We provide drug and alcohol counseling and therapy in a safe, compassionate environment.



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Is Inpatient Rehab My Best Option

Leaving one’s environment for 30-90 days seems extreme and for some it is exactly the right choice. For others there may be an easier softer way.

When facing the problems caused by addiction one hopefully considers what course of action is viable. Most of us would prefer to do the minimum and gain the maximum results. Our families, spouses and or employers often recommend an-inpatient 30 day program, but is this always the best choice? These facilities offer a separation from the day to day environment, and typically insure abstinence. They are a beneficial way to “jump start” sobriety and hopefully become the basis for a continued changed lifestyle. What they don’t do is offer any guarantee of success, many studies openly recognize there is a 70%-90% failure rate. Additionally, without insurance coverage they are often unaffordable averaging $1000 per day. Many of the local facilities have been purchased by larger corporations and within this 15-20 billion dollar business there is severe competition to fill beds, at times prioritizing profit over compassionate care. Finally the services received consist of mostly group counseling activities and the promotion of extracurricular social functions.

Many of us suffering drug and alcohol abuse or dependence can benefit from an individually tailored program, one which will suit the current situation. While specifics will need to be discussed, an approach of this direction usually consists of frequent individual therapy and establishing an ongoing support system. This is designed to create and compliment a new way of living beginning with the first day of recovery.

Of course individual therapy or standard rehab options will not always be the best choice for those with more severe addictions; they may need to find medical detoxification and an extended inpatient program to help launch into a sustainable recovery.




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Choosing the right therapist is a very important part of a successful recovery.